Offices of MSLGROUP, one of the world’s largest PR

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Offices of MSLGROUP, one of the world’s largest PR

Immigration has ensured an ever growing customer base for business, and ensured competition in the labour market (its proponents call it “flexibility”).But COVID 19 has now ensured the temporary cessation of immigration and its high demand for housing. So until, and if, that changes, there will be surplus providers in the building industry, and surplus residential properties for sale.That will mean cheaper homes and apartments, and higher building industry unemployment adding to existing unemployment.But will we “snap back” as articulated by PM ScoMo? Some economists say our present economic troubles were inevitable, that COVID 19 simply hastened them.”Snapping back” is illusory. “Normal” will need to be redefined.Around November 2019 several ACT politicians made statements to the effect “buses would be rerouted away from Anketell Street, Greenway to a new route, from April next year”.This would allow the people who use Anketell streets cafes and coffee shops to enjoy themselves without many buses driving by creating a very noisy, disturbing and unhealthy environment.Many ACT government brochures telling me how nice and peaceful Anketell street would become also arrived in my letter box.While having my hot chocolate in Anketell Street this week I noticed many buses were still driving past.Having checked the calendar I noticed it was now May, and the buses had not been rerouted as promised..

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Canada Goose Jackets Despite the most recent national data showing ACT patients waited double national median wait time, the spokeswoman said it showed wait times were only “marginally higher” than other jurisdictions. “There are a number of other variables to consider like: hospital availability per capita, population sizes, demographics, principal diagnosis for mental health presentations and other treatment options available for the mental health presentation category,” she said. “In addition, the hospital has experienced a much higher number of mental health presentations and this has put sustained pressure and demand on acute mental health services Canada Goose Jackets.


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